Here is a selection of apps for iPhone, iPad and Android we’ve worked on since 2008:

Mapex Drum Masterclass


Mapex Drum Masterclass for iPhone

Mapex Drum Masterclass for iPhone

Mapex Drum Masterclass is a ground breaking interactive drum teaching app for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. Its aim is not only to instruct you how to read drum music in a very accessible way, but to encourage you to play out the drum patterns on the iPhone’s fully touch responsive screen, letting you practise and learn drum music on the move.

4/5 stars from Rhythm magazine!


MobiD8 for iPhone

MobiD8 for iPhone

The UK’s most popular Asian dating site with 45,000+ British Asians all looking for love.

 Yvie Burnett Vocal Coach

The Vocal Trainer app provides all the tips and techniques Yvie teaches to her pupils. Including preparing, warming up and practice techniques to help improve your performance and reach for those difficult notes. The app is designed to make sure you are fully prepared before an audition to improve your voice and help you become a true superstar!

Phil Neville Football Training

Phil Neville Football Training has been created to help and guide aspiring footballers, fans of the game and coaches, in getting a real insight in to how Phil lives his life as a top professional football player.

Within the iPhone app you will be able to see Phil’s training techniques, match footage, how he prepares physically and mentally for training and match day, as well as lifestyle tips on the footwear he uses to the foods he eats.


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